Porsche Culture

Porsche makes amazing cars but it’s the people that drive them that come together to create the best car culture out there.  Now I’m not trying to take anything away from other enthusiast groups and I know that every brand has a loyal following.  I’m not even completely brand loyal, I’m a huge Audi fan and have a soft spot a mile wide for classic American muscle cars.  But nobody puts on a show like Porsche fans.

In my opinion if you own a Porsche you should join the Porsche Club of America.  PCA is the largest single-marque car club in the world and gives members great access to local events, tech Q&A, private classifieds and Panorama, a great magazine.  My local chapter is the Pacific Northwest Region.


I’ve found great support from fellow Porsche fans in online forums.  Pelican seems to have folks with impressive technical depth and the forum is very active. The site is also a great source of Porsche parts.  Rennlist is a fantastic forum site as well and mixes deep technical discussion with some good socializing. I’m sure there are many others and if you know of a great one please post it in the comments.


Magnus Walker’s site is a must visit for any Porsche fan, especially if you want to be inspired to photograph and film your own Porsche. He has quite an impressive collection of cars and his videos are great to watch.


And here is a somewhat random collection of links that I’ve found useful in the past:

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