No More Miami Vice Rockers!

I had to leave town for most of this week on a business trip which gave me the perfect opportunity to leave my car in the capable hands of Mark from Eurotech Bodywerkes.  The task was simple but critical.  Remove those boxed rocker panels that to me scream Miami Vice and put back the standard 930 rocker panels.  Mark did an amazing job and the car is back the way it was meant to be!  Now I have nothing against boxed rockers on an appropriate car, like the late 70s slantnose that was sitting next to me in this photo:


Ahhhh!  It’s such a relief to get the standard 930 rocker panels back on the car.  I’ll leave boxed rockers to the slantnose cars.

And here is a reminder of what the car looked like from a similar angle with the boxed rockers: