Does it check all the boxes…is it “the one”?

I had narrowed my search to the 2010 to 2013 997.2 TT or TTS with the PDK transmission and knew there were plenty of them out there for sale, even in the winter. What were my must haves…I needed a list!

  • White or Black were the only two colors I was focused on…must not be lured into the siren song of some bright bold color that would draw unwanted attention. Didn’t want any version of gray/silver…Seattle is gray enough already.
  • PDK – shifting is fun but not in Seattle traffic.
  • Coupe – All my other 911s have been open top cars but for the Turbo, I wanted the classic lines of the coupe.
  • Clean Carfax, no accidents, no mysteries
  • Under 50K miles, ideally under 40k
  • Turbo II (5 lug wheel) instead of the centerlock wheel. My Targa had centerlock wheels and I’m one of the few that likes the looks and maintainability of the standard 5 lug.
  • TTS or a TT with torque vectoring and sport chrono (includes launch control and an overboost-function)
  • Three spoke steering wheel with the paddle shifters, I find the other wheel fugly.
  • Sport seats, manual or adaptive. The standard “comfort” seats do not fit my body type as well…they push in the shoulders.

The first contender was this beautiful 2011 997.2 TT from DrivenTexas (VIN WP0AD2A91BS766568). They were fantastic to work with but the PPI revealed a leaking RMS (rear main seal) and a few other issues. The price was good for a TT but not good enough in my opinion to cover the work it needed. Plus, it was on the higher side for mileage that I wanted and didn’t have the sport seats:

This next one may go down as “the one that got away”. White was my top choice and early on in my search I came across this stunning 2012 TTS with only 12K miles (VIN WP0AD2A94CS766498). The only thing that held me back was the gray interior and my assumption that I had all the time in the world because I was looking at sports cars in the winter…it would never sell. The PPI was clean and this car would eventually be mine after I got around to making my low-ball offer. It sold to someone else the day after my PPI for a full price offer…ouch.

I became totally enamored with the next car and was soooo tempted to buy it but in the end, I couldn’t get past the accident history and the body kit and mods were just too much for me. It was counter to most of my criteria but appealed to my inner 12 year old (which generally has control over the rest of me). I had found a 2012 997.2 TT with only 14K miles and it was way below market. It was also a Cab and a manual which I didn’t want (or do I), heavily modified and had been in 2 accidents. Not anything that would impact reliability or drivability but it kills the resale. It had a ton of high quality performance mods, a genuine Vorsteiner V-RT aero package all around, ADV trackspec wheels, Brembo GT brake kit and a Tubi Style exhaust. I managed to track the history of the car (why was I doing this?) and confirmed the original purchase and modifications were done by Ben Bermudez, CEO of Wheels Boutique. He told me a bit about the car. He used it as a wheel model and drove it as his personal car until he sold it. His modifications:

  • Custom tune by Protomotive (confirmed by them directly) – “The tuning we did for it would cover a broad range of bolt-on mods that were done at Proto Tech.”
  • Custom engine work done by Proto Tech (confirmed with David directly who did the work) – Phone call with David from his memory, no records. Beautiful car. They did a program update, intake, custom made equal length headers (he asked if his beautiful headers were still on the car), intercooler and turbo upgrade. He couldn’t remember the exact upgrade, said it could have been a housing upgrade, GT2 style upgrade, etc.
  • Vorsteiner body kit, Brembo big brake kit, wheels/tires and H&R springs were all done by Ben himself at Wheels Boutique.

It spent the first part of its live as a wheel model…here are a few photos hoots – Wheels Boutique with ADV –…6-track-spec-2
Wheels Boutique with HRE –…2rs-vrt-brembo AND…2rs-vrt-brembo

There was another manual that I had my eye on for a while that was for sale on the East Coast at a McLaren dealership. Beautiful Basalt Black Coupe with 45K miles but the asking price was too high for my blood and I needed to keep reminding myself that I wanted the PDK.

These were all contenders…but they didn’t turn out to be “the one”. Thanks to all of the Rennlist members that helped me narrow down my search and provide their thoughts and opinions on the various options I was looking at – Feedback thread.

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