Exhaust Test & COVID-19 Cruising

My car came with an upgraded exhaust which I love the sound of. It has a SpeedTech 3″ X-Pipe Muffler Delete exhaust with the stock Porsche catalytic converters and stock exhaust tips. I wanted to play around with some video and sound equipment and decided to make a video showcasing the deep and exotic sound of the exhaust.

I managed to capture a good cold startup sound which I love and then I spent a quarantine evening driving around Seattle at night (never leaving the car) with the car mic’ed up. I screwed up the mic settings and the sound was clipping so I turned the middle of this video into a nighttime time-lapse video of a mostly empty Seattle during the COVID-19 crisis. The next day I fixed my mic issues so I included some footage and sound clips of the exhaust. Overall, kind of a schizophrenic video but it was fun to make anyway 🙂

Here is just the nighttime time-lapse video of Seattle if you don’t care about the exhaust…and really, why would you!

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