Chuckanut Drive Escape

To help us maintain our sanity during the COVID-19 quarantine in Seattle (and around the world), Meg and I take turns giving each other a break from adulting. She spends her days doing cool things like yoga, reading by the beach, art projects. I spend my days off driving…anyplace…just driving as far and as fast as I can go without going to jail or needing to pee 🙂

The trick with the quarantine is that I want to be totally responsible and respectful of social distancing so I just never get out of my car. No food stops, no bathroom breaks, just solo driving in a car fast enough to hopefully outrun the virus!

Today’s escape was back to Chuckanut Drive. It was about a four hour roundtrip drive from West Seattle, up almost to Bellingham and then right back home. Beautiful scenery, a fun twisty road and great weather made it the perfect escape.

Okay, so I lied. I forgot that I did pull a u-turn in the middle of the road and risk my tires to a gravel parking lot because I saw a cool street art mural and wanted to get a quick photo. Nobody was within 1000 feet of me!

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