Got one clean and one dirty…a perfect weekend!

First of all, happy Mother’s Day to all of your amazing mothers out there and thank you for creating the next generation of wonderful humans! I’m grateful to have been raised by, supported by and married to the best moms that anyone could ever wish for. I love and appreciate you all so much! It may have been Mother’s Day weekend, but after the fun I had, I’m feeling pretty damn special myself!

Saturday morning was spent doing the meal planning and grocery shopping for the week. That didn’t use to be such an event but when you have to mask up, glove up and sterilize yourself upon return, it becomes a bigger deal. Then I had the afternoon to myself and I decided it was time to clear the Porsche. After a few weekend day trips, it was filthy and in need of some TLC. I was thrilled to hear that The Shop, the car club I belong to, was taking appointments for their wash bays again so I booked one and took off. I had great company at The Shop with a stunning black Vette and Red R8 getting clean at the same time.

After all that work to get it clean, it was time to drive around and take a few photos. Black cars stay clear for about 37 seconds so I had to make the most of it.

Sunday…Mother’s Day had arrived! The boys and I woke up early, prepared a quiche, some fresh croissants and some hot coffee, and served a wonderful breakfast in bed for the worlds greatest mom! Okay, so the kids just signed the cards and gave hugs, but that was enough for this year. Meg wanted some alone time on the beach which left me with needing to find a way to entertain two kids. Being a large kid myself, that comes very easy to me. We grabbed the Jeep and headed out to the woods for driving lesson #2!

He is a natural…and so careful!!

While cruising around, Gabe came across a side road and we decided to take it. Turns out we found an open forrest service road (NF-9021) which we had an absolute blast exploring. Okay, I had a blast and the kids held on for dear life while we bounced around in huge pot holes, ran through water and climbed some small rocks. Even the kids called me childish 🙂 We hit some dead ends, passed some fellow explorers that shared good advice and found a small waterfall. All easy stuff for the Jeep but super fun anyway and enough exciting for this novice!

Confession – the last thing we did was drive the Jeep to a self-carwash because as much as I love getting it dirty on the trails…I do love a clean Jeep.

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