“Justification for higher education”

I was that kid with car posters all over his room. I think I was that kid long after I stopped being a kid! I remember staring at the posters, usually while flipping through some new car brochure that mailed in for and imagining what it would be like to drive the cars that hung on my wall.

This was certainly one of those posters, although mine may have been even older than this one.
Of course I had to have a Lamborghini Countach hanging on my wall. Although be careful what you wish for because I have driven in one of these and it didn’t stand the test of time. One of the coolest cars to look at though for sure.

With this education theme in mind, I live close to West Seattle High School and I like to use it as a background for photos…there is something about the brick and the windows that I love. Here is my latest:

Some other shots from today and a few older ones as well.

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