Metropolitan Detail Works Their Magic

There is a saying in the car world that goes something like – “White, green, red are colors but black is a hobby”. My first color choice was white and I’ve always loved white cars. Black was my second choice but when I found the perfect spec car with some rare options and at a great price, I passed up a few other white ones and went with black. When clean, there really is nothing cooler than a wet, glossy black sports car. One day later, you have a dusty dirty mess so you have to really make the most out of washing day 🙂

My car is in great condition but it needed a professional detail. There were some swirl marks and the paint protection film (ppf) that was on the front of the car was showing its age. Metropolitan Detail (MD) to the rescue! They had worked on previous cars of mine and they always to a phenomenal job.

After 10 hours of paint correction, a full detail, new STEK ppf film for the front end and fender flares and a finish with C.Quartz Pro ceramic coating, my car looks new again. Of course, the next thing I did was take it on an all day drive and get it nice and dirty…at least it will clean up a lot easier now.

Here are my photos but I’m really looking forward to seeing MD’s photos because they had their photographer shoot the car when it was done. I’ll update this post with their photos when I get them.

A quick video with the highlights of just how spectacular this car looks now!
So fresh and so clean!

Charles Hawes is the staff photographer for MD and he sent me a number of great photos from the process and the finished product that are much better than mine. I shadowed him while he was taking his photos and he was super patient as I got in his way and pestered him with questions.

Some shots of the process including some serious paint correction that was needed to address the swirl marks:

Some cool shots of the finished product by a better photographer than myself:

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