Putting the distance in social distance

2020 is such a strange and difficult year, but there have been a few silver linings. Meg and I committed early on to giving each other real breaks from the realities of pandemic adulting. She fills her day off with dance church, yoga, SUPping or just finding a shade tree by the water, hiding in her car and reading. I’ve used my time to take long drives in the 911, find some adventure in the Jeep and develop a car photography hobby. Family time is great and the time that Meg and I get to spend alone as a couple is priceless. Covid has helped us create some space for selfish pursuits. We have found that by investing a bit in ourselves, we are in a better headspace to get even more from family and couple time. This is something we will carry forward into whatever our “new normal” becomes.

Last Saturday I drove out to the Snoqualmie Forest to find a few new routes that go past some beautiful alpine lakes. I got a late start, had to make the grocery run first, so I only had a few hours to explore. I made the most of it and got pretty deep into the woods. Deep enough and alone enough that I was wishing for some off grid communication tech if I broke down and some bear spray so I could explore on foot a bit. I can always find a good reason to buy more gear. I’m looking forward to getting back out there soon and this time I’m hiking to those other lakes…maybe 🙂

Here is my favorite shot of the day. I felt like I was being watched the whole time as I composed the shot and was really wishing I had some bear spray on me but it added to the excitement 🙂

A few other shots from a fun day exploring the outdoors:

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