A Saturday To Remember

December in Seattle is filled with excitement for the holidays, cutting down Christmas trees, lights, school and work breaks, family fun…a lot of wonderful things. It is also typically filled with rain…lots of rain. Fun summer cars with performance tires are kept safely in warm garages, waiting for warmer, drier days to return. 2020 has sucked for a lot of reasons, but December has felt like a gift when it comes to the weather and this Saturday was no exception. Cold but dry and warm enough for safe motoring so a full day of car fun was planned.

I started my day waiting for The Shop and Derby to open. I wanted to have breakfast surrounded by cool cars and then I had a haircut planned at the on-site barber, Annie Oakley Cuts. Then I had blocked a time to use the wash bays and get the car all cleaned up. A full day before noon and I was just getting started!

Now that the car was all clean, it was time to get it dirty again! The Avants car club had organized a toy drive down to the Griot’s headquarters and flagship store in Tacoma. They provided the coffee and donuts, you bring a toy for Toys for Tots…sounded like a good deal to me. Adam, the fonder of Avants, was there to meet and greet and give out copies of their incredible magazine. If you are into cars and you live in Seattle, Portland or Denver (more coming), I highly suggest you join Avants. Their philosophy of drive everything is very inclusive and the culture seems great so far.

After hanging out with Adam, I decided to go explore Tacoma a bit and see if I could find any places to take some cool photos. Mount Rainier is a favorite landmark of mine, Meg always makes fun of me because then you can see the whole mountain I’ll say “the mountain is out in full force today”. I’m a dorky old man, what do you expect. Well, the mountain was out in full force and I wanted to find some views of it. I found a parking lot at Cliff House Restaurant that had a great view and then I found an open marina parking lot. I think they look best in black and white but I’m on the fence. You help me decide…what looks better to you?

A few more fun photos that I was playing with:

After watching the sun set, it was back in the car to head home to the family for dinner! I was running late after stopping for some of these photos…the turbo helped me make up that time, no problem 🙂

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