“The Next One” happened sooner than expected

I’ve talked in the past about my answer whenever someone asks what my favorite car has been…I always answer the next one. I’ve been loving this Turbo so much and fully expected to own it for many years…maybe even a true forever car. A few things converged to change that sooner than expected. First, I’ve always wanted a true Porsche GT car, a special line of track bred cars designed by the GT division of Porsche. Second, I really missed open top motoring this summer….all of my previous 911s were targas or full convertibles. Third, as fast as the Turbo is…and it is crazy fast, it isn’t all that engaging to drive. It’s a great car, but all it really asks of the driver is a willingness to pay for speeding tickets. Lastly, I ended up with a rare opportunity to secure an allocation for a 2021 Porsche Spyder, a limited production car that is not easy to find. I worked out a great trade for the Turbo to a dealership that wants to sell it, not just wholesale it out and custom ordered the Spyder. Just like that, I’m on to the next one.

Prepping my car for trade (removing parts to sell or swap to the new car and putting back on the painted front lip)

I’ll do a more detailed post on the Spyder, a bit of history and my configuration but here is a “photo” from the Porsche online configurator:

2 thoughts on ““The Next One” happened sooner than expected

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