Drivers Skills and Motion Photography

Note – If you want to download any of these photos, you can find the full resolution files here (the ones on my blog are reduced to shorten page load times) – Feel free to repost these photos to social media but please include the following credit or just tag and credit me directly if posting on Instagram – ”Jeff Jones @911maniac on Instagram“

For those that don’t already know, Drivers Skills is an all day hands on car control clinic sponsored by the Pacific Northwest Region Porsche Club. You don’t need to be a member and you don’t need to bring a Porsche. This is a great way for any driver, even the younger ones, to learn more about safely handing a car, van, truck, suv, etc. Working with experienced instructors and volunteers, participants work in small groups to learn more about their cars and themselves over the following sections:

  • Slalom 
  • Skidpad
  • Accident avoidance (my personal favorite)
  • Figure 8
  • Mini-autocross

No racing and no timed competition. Just fun practice in a low risk high reward setting. By far the best $140 you can spend and that includes a hot lunch. Don’t hold me to that price…prices change but my old blog posts don’t 🙂 You can learn more at and you can register for upcoming events online at the PNWR section of the MotorsportReg site – PNWR on MSR.

My first experience with Drivers Skills was as a student in my 2016 911 GTS Targa. This time, I was there as a volunteer (cone shagger was my official title) but mostly I was there to try my hand at motion car photography. Karl Noakes I am not, but considering this was my first time trying and considering it was raining most of the day, I’m very happy with the results. I’m even happier that I got the chance to get out and meet new people, see such an eclectic mix of cars at the clinic and laugh with other volunteers as we did the old man run/jog/walk to shag cones at the slalom course. In terms of metrics, I ended the day with 2736 photos to process, 82 keepers (maybe a dozen that I really love), 15,000 steps, 1 bbq sandwich and 4 Advil, 6 if you count the two this morning. A great day by all measures.

We started the day in the dark, chatting and taking some photos as folks arrived:

Group photo once everyone arrived (I used my Jeep as a makeshift ladder):

Volunteers make this event possible and the instruction participants get comes from years of experience. Lunch was really good as well considering we are operating under COVID safety measures and can’t do the normal lunch options. Everyone seemed happy with their BBQ sandwiches all ready to go.

In no particular order, here are my favorite motion photos from the day (looks best on a larger display):

Here are my second favorite motion photos and it shows the wide variety of vehicles that attend Drivers Skills…bring anything and learn more about how it performs at the limits:

I wasn’t sure if any of these panning photos were going to come out, so I made sure to take a few standard photos throughout the day and here were my favorites:

My favorite of the day. I just low how the motion turned out in this photo, I love the reflection of the car and the pop of color from the helmet and brake lights. More luck than skill but I’ll keep practicing!

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