Exotics @ Redmond Town Center is back in business

On every sunny Saturday morning from April through October, hundreds of cars and even more spectators take over the Redmond Town Center for the biggest weekly car show in the country. Exotics at RTC has been operating as a free event run by volunteers for 12 seasons but last year they were unable to host any events due to Covid. This year they are back in business and we’ve been getting lucky with some great weekend weather.

This isn’t a regular cars and coffee, bring whatever you want kind of an event. They run a tight ship and have strict rules about the cars that are on display. It is still open to many, many beautiful cars, but it needs to be something special…an exotic. Inevitably this leads to some upset folks trying to show off their new Prius with flames painted on the side or something like that but the volunteers handle it all with grace. Oh, and don’t act like an ass coming into or leaving the show. The cops will ticket you and the event will ban you, otherwise they risk losing the support of the community to host such a big event.

Here are some of my favorites from opening day which had a big turnout even with the overcast day. The Magenta 911 was my favorite so I kept coming back to it but I loved the Martini inspired 911 as well. Okay, I loved them all!

My next visit was for German Car Day, one of the biggest, most well attended theme days of the year. Take that Italian Day! There were too many incredible cars to even scratch the surface but I tried to capture most of my favorites. The Magenta 911 was back again but it might have been the red RWB 911 that stole my heart this time:

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