Time to go full mid-life crisis?

I’m of the belief that cars should be fun…all cars. Life is too short to drive a boring car and you can make any car special, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Now sports cars really need to be fun, they have no other purpose than to bring joy. As stunning as the design of the Spyder is, I’m considering having a little bit of extra fun with it once it arrives and adding a race livery.

A livery is the specific paint scheme or sticker designs used on race cars in order to advertise sponsors or uniquely identify a car or racing team. There are thousands of different designs but here are a few of my all time favorites:

As common as it may be, Martini is my favorite and I think it accentuates the curves of the car perfectly. Personally, unless it is going on an actual race car, I think the race numbers and Martini racing team logo are a bit too much. Here are some mockups of what a Martini inspired design could look like on the 718 Spyder.

Like every tattoo I’ve considered but never put on my body, this might never make it past the design phase. Unlike a tattoo, these are just vinyl stickers that can easily be removed from the car down the road so it’s an easier risk to take and doesn’t hurt nearly as much 😁

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