Let The Mods Begin!

What do you do when you’ve waited a year for a perfect car to arrive, made by a company that has been working tirelessly for 90 years to make the perfect sports car? You modify it and make it your own of course! I’ve never owned any car that I left fully stock. Whether it was a tape deck and a pair of 6x9s, to aftermarket wheels or a supercharger, customizing a car is one of the most fun aspects to being a gearhead.

It started before I even took delivery. My car has carbon fiber interior accents but the shifter didn’t match. I had the dealer source a carbon fiber shifter from a 911R, one of the most driver focused modern 911s ever built. It’s a beautiful piece of jewelry and feels great in the hand.

Before I traded in the Turbo, I pulled the Antigravity battery out of it for use in the Spyder. These lithium car batteries are just as powerful as a normal lead-acid battery, last 3x longer, and they are crazy light. 40 pounds lighter in my case. Swapping the battery was an easy procedure although I had to take the air compressor housing out of the car to get access to some bolts. A twenty minute swap in total and the easiest weight I will ever lose 😂

Porsche has spent many millions developing their Porsche Active Suspension Management system that controls the suspension of their cars. So naturally, one of the first changes to the car involves ripping out their PASM controller and installing a DSC Controller made by a small automative racing and engineering team, DSC Sport / TPC Racing. I used the DSC controller in my Turbo and it was a night and day upgrade. More compliant and comfy over rough roads and more stable at speed, the perfect combo. It also makes sport mode usable on the street. Install in the Spyder was even easier than in the Turbo where I had to lay upside down in the passenger footwell. In this case it was very accessible in the front trunk. These controllers are always in demand and hold their value. I pulled the one from the Turbo, sold it, and used the money to buy this one.

So what’s next…driving the damn thing! Then maybe a new exhaust 😁

3 thoughts on “Let The Mods Begin!

    • Hi Larry, thanks for checking out the blog. I haven’t been updating it enough…more mods have been done and shared on RL. TPC and alignment done and Kline is on the way 😀

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