Summer Wheels: BBS FI-R!

Seattle can get some freakishly late winter storms, but I decided to take my chances and have my summer tires and wheels put back on the car. The tires are the same Michelin PS4S summer tires that I love so much for the Northwest and the wheels I went with are BBS ultralight FI-Rs in exactly the same fitment as the Porsche wheels. These wheels not only look stunning, they save about 7 lbs per wheel compared to Porsche wheels. That, combined with the lightweight carbon brakes on the car significantly reduce the unsprung weight (weight not held up by the suspension of the car). Reducing unsprung makes the job of the suspension much easier. This helps the car handle better, recover from bumps better and makes the car more comfortable over our crappy roads. Did I mention that they look stunning too? Just look at that custom brushed clear finish that Supreme Power hooked me up with. Bling!

Here is the Right Away Tire crew doing their thing along with some quick shots in the garage…I had to get back to work:

With the workday over…I could take the car out for some real photos to showcase these new wheels:

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