Deposit is down – Back into the world of Porsche ownership!

Some years ago I bought, partially rebuilt with my father and had a lot of fun with a 78 911 SC Targa. I sold it years later out of necessity and always missed it.  Fast forward far too many years and seeing the new 2014 Targa come out has me longing for the fun of that old 911.

When I started my search I was pretty sure I wanted a 87-89 3.2 Targa, an updated version of the 78 SC Targa I had many years ago.  Or a Cabriolet.  I naively expected to be sorting through all of my options to find the perfect white on black model out there for a screaming price.  The market has certainly changed!  Inventory is low and prices are high.  So high that I started looking at 930s to expand my options.  I love the look of the Turbo but in the end I decided that I didn’t want the Turbo engine at this stage. I couldn’t find what I was looking for anywhere. Then someone turned me on to Holt Motorsports as a source for high quality cars.

I jumped out of my seat when I found a white/black 3.2 with an authentic factory turbo-look widebody (M491) with less than 50K miles on it.  The aggressive looks of the 930, the exact same suspension and breaking setup as the high performance Turbo but paired up with the 3.2 engine and G50 transmission.  Sold!  Deposit is down pending a PPI and details for shipping it across the country. Here are some photos:


Side Blur



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