Great PPI results and the deal is done

I decided to have a complete pre-purchase inspection (PPI) done by a 3rd party (The Porsche Specialists) before committing to the deal and the results were great:

PPI Results

The car shows no signs of ever leaking or any heavy maintenance (removal, rebuild, etc) and according to the shop it seems like a beautiful, tight, like-new Porsche in terms of the mechanicals.

Tim at Holt and the shop that did the PPI found several issues that were all fixed as part of the deal:

  • New tires and four wheel alignment
  • New power top latch motor
  • New high beam stalk to fix the high beams not coming on
  • AC recharge
  • Fresh air blower fixed
  • Windshield washer fixed
  • Windshield bullseye repair

While far from being a new car this 27 year old Porsche is in great shape and will soon be heading to Seattle by covered transport.


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