My First Drive

We got back from vacation at 1 am and if it wasn’t for my two exhausted young children and even more exhausted wife I would have been tempted to go out for a late night cruise.  Instead I simply put my eyes on the car for the first time in person and went to bed.

Five very short hours later my alarm went off and it was time to head to work.  For the first time in a long time I was looking forward to my long commute.  I quickly put on my license plates, got inside the car and started off on my first drive!  A few initial impressions:

  • I really should have taken more time to get familiar with the car before hitting the road because simple things like mirror adjustments and climate control are still a complete mystery to me.
  • I think the car has a nice aftermarket stereo but who cares…the sound of that engine is better than anything coming through the speakers.
  • This car is tight.  It feels news, shifts smoothly and runs like a dream.  I’m sure I’ll experience my share of issues but for now it’s like driving a very old new car.
  • I honestly forgot how hard it is to do slow speed maneuvering in a car without power steering.  Backing out of my garage was a nice little workout!
  • That smell…I missed that smell.  It’s different from my older SC but still an amazing combination of oil, fuel and leather.  Unmistakably Porsche.
  • It’s so much fun to drive that I almost blew past my exit and headed for a drive in the mountains.  But that’s for another day.




Taking a rest after a fun drive to the office!

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