They Didn’t Forecast This

It’s been hot and sunny in Seattle this week and I went to bed with a forecast of slightly cooler but sunny weather for today. I hit the garage in the morning, put the top down, snap on my top cover and head out for my morning commute. West Seattle is a tad gray but not too bad. The temp is nice enough but with a slight chill, giving me an excuse to see how my heat works. It works a heck of a lot better than my AC 🙂 After going through the Mount Baker Tunnel expecting to see blue skies, blue water and Mt. Rainier I’m greeted with this:

weatheronthewayDark skies above me and even darker skies ahead! Rather than pull over and put the top up I step on the gas pedal and decide to race the rain. I’m happy to say that I was pulling into my building’s garage as the first raindrops fell and for today I beat the rain. That isn’t always likely to happen living here in Seattle.

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