Griot’s Garage Ice Cream Social

It’s been way too long since I updated the blog. Okay…a personal car journal with a readership of two people (thanks Meg and Mom!) can hardly be called a blog, I still enjoy doing it and it gives me an excuse to relive some of the fun car related activities that I get up to!

Remember summer? When it was warm outside, the sun was shining and the streets weren’t frozen over around the country? One fun event that I attended was the Ice Cream Social hosted by Griot’s Garage. Griot’s sells their top of the line car care products around the world, but we are lucky to have this company, and the great family behind it, right in our backyard. This event was hosted at their restoration facility and we had full access to the place during the event. Great people, great cars, free ice cream, and my son Gabe even joined in for the fun!

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