AvantsFest 2022

Avants is an incredible, inclusive and diverse car club that started in Seattle and has now expanded to several other cities around the country. Wonderful people, a first class quarterly publication, and great events. Each year, they hold a big one, AvantsFest, at Pacific Raceways in the Seattle area. Tons of cars, friends, vendors, racing, and this year…a lot of sun. It was hot! I managed to convince both my sons, Gabe and Shep, to come with me, but they quickly retreated into the shade with some sweet treats to beat the heat.

Krissy is the local Seattle club leader and our host for the day. The whole Avants team worked their butts off to prepare for and pull off such a big event!

A tiny portion of the cars but I thought my camera was going to melt, so I put it away 🙂

I found some shade and captured some fun racing action:

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