Northwest Porsche Saturday Breakfast

After staying up way too late and enjoying a few too many gin and tonics my alarm rudely went off at 6:30 am. But I jumped out of bed ready to go because I was setting out for a nice long drive. Sun rising, cool but warming temps, the top down. Better than coffee to get me going in the morning. Okay, I needed some coffee too.

I set out to meet up with a group of Porsche enthusiasts that drive from the Snohomish area down to Issaquah on back roads and end the drive with breakfast and car talk. Since I was coming from West Seattle I got to enjoy a 45 minute drive to the meet. I arrived too late to make the convoy so I had fun carving up the roads from Snohomish to Issaquah all by myself.  Literally, there was nobody else on the roads.  It was beautiful.  Thanks to a good group of folks for including a new guy in their tradition, it was a great morning. Here are a few pictures of the cars that participated:

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