A Crisp Morning Drive with the Kids

My sons have been bugging me to take them for a drive so this morning I took a few hours, bundled them up, threw in a blanket just in case (it’s a cold day if you can’t tell) and we took off. A nice cruise down Alki and then we found some back roads so they could hear this car open up a little.  I think they are more addicted to the sounds and feel of this car than I am!  I only had time for a really terrible photo with my iPhone which only serves as a reminder that I really need to carve out a photo-op weekend!  I added some additional photos from an earlier drive when the weather was nicer.



All set in the back seats ready for a fun drive down Alki


Beautiful mountains in front of us and a great city behind us.  Seattle in the summer is the best place in the world for a convertible!


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