Taking the long way around

Winter has very much arrived in Seattle and the bright sunny topdown days of Summer have been replaced with constant rain, cold fronts and gray skies. As a result my 911 has been spending way too much time in the garage, frustrated and wanting to get back out on the roads.

When my loving, caring and thankfully forgiving wife asked me to move the car outside so we could clean the garage I jumped at the chance to fire it up and drive it around to the front of the house. The car started without hesitation, there was no rain in sight and by the time I had backed it out of the garage I was overcome by the sound of the engine. I knew I would be taking the very long way around the house.  I wonder how that garage is coming along?



A cold but dry winter day in Seattle.  The view from Alki is beautiful any day of the year.

2 thoughts on “Taking the long way around

    • Add this to the long list of reasons that I’m jealous of anyone that lives in Hawaii! My wife lived there for a few years and we go back as often as we can.

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