Showing The Suspension Some Love

I live in a part of the country where you just can’t get away with speeding, at least not for long. Eventually some Bellevue motorcycle cop is going to get you or the back road you found will be too full of bicyclists to really enjoy. Outside of track days or the occasional high speed tunnel run (about 10 seconds) you just can’t take advantage of crazy horsepower or top speed. But you can have a really good time with a well sorted suspension without drawing too much attention.

When I bought my car I knew it might need new shocks and that was confirmed the day it arrived. After confirming the front struts were Boge I was able to order all of the parts that I would need. With the expert advice and wrenching from Steve at Auto Services West we are going to get this car fully sorted with a full compliment of Elephant Racing upgrades:


Image from Elephant Racing, I just love this visual.

In addition to replacing the worn out factory shocks with Bilstein HDs all around I decided to complete the Turbo Look suspension by adding the Turbo Tie-Rods, Adjustable bump steer kit and new front and rear bushings:

Here are a few terrible iPhone shots of my car on the lift getting ready for the suspension upgrades. It’s the first time I was really able to poke around underneath.  Damn…this car is clean and original. Thanks to the previous owners for taking great care of it!

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