I found a use for my Sport Chronometer

The Sport Chrono Package in a 911 comes with a bunch of fun features like sport/sport plus mode, launch control, dynamic engine mounts, etc. It also comes along with the chronometer (aka, the wart) that sits on your dash and is used in conjunction with a stick on steering column as a lap timer. It’s basically just a very accurate stopwatch. Super cool…and I never use it. I’m sure if I did a lot of competitive track driving I would love it for the data logging. I don’t.

Sitting in a Starbucks parking lot, I was playing around with the lap timer and finally found a cool use for it…now it will just display 911 until I reset it 🙂 I am way too proud of myself for getting it to hit this on the mark…those digits fly by! I won’t admit how many times I had to try!

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