A day at The Shop

After a few nice road trips, my black car (what was I thinking) was looking pretty dirty. Plus, I have been looking for an excuse to use the wash bays and lift bays at The Shop for the first time.

The Shop has all of the expensive equipment so I don’t need to buy it, I just need to bring in some of the consumables for the finer detail that they don’t have. When I’m feeling lazy, they also have full detail services but this time I wanted to do it all myself.

I also wanted to put the car on the lift, mostly so I could learn how to properly use the lift, but also because I wanted to verify some exhaust components. I managed (with some help) to get the car on the lift without breaking anything and confirmed that my car has the Speedtech 3″ x-pipe muffler delete exhaust but still has the stock Porsche catalytic converters.

Some other fun cars that I was able to check out while I was there…I’m always exploring that place and finding new ones!

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