Ski day turned into a car day!

The alarm went off at 5:30 am so that my youngest son, Shep, and I could hit the road early for first tracks at Crystal Mountain Ski Resort. A quick breakfast at Starbucks and then a two hour drive to get to the resort…we’ve done it a few times now and it all works out. The forecast called for a clear day with new snow falling overnight. That didn’t happen. By the time we got to Crystal, the snow was coming down like crazy. We managed to get a few good runs in but the concrete like snow and very low visibility was making it hard for a couple of newbies. The snot icicles weren’t helping either…it was cold and we called it a day after a few hours.

On the way home we had some time to explore in the Jeep. The Jeep loves fresh snow and forest roads almost as Shep loves chicken nuggets!

The way home takes us right through Enumclaw and I recently found out there is a small but really cool car museum that we’ve driven by a ton of times and didn’t even know it. We had the time so we stopped in to see the nice folks at the Thunder Dome Car Museum. Mostly classic American muscle cars but the draw for me is their Ford GT40 collection. Next to a 911, the GT40 is one of my all time favorite cars and I just love the story behind it (Ford vs. Ferrari tells it well but there are plenty of good documentaries).

The museum did not disappoint and here are some of my favorites (Shep was a trooper given how tired he was!):

My thoughts exactly Shep…wow!
One of Shep’s favorites because they let him use the siren!
Shep would like one for Christmas if anyone is interested 🙂

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