Exploring the Snoqualmie Forest

The boys and I love exploring the woods in the Jeep, or at least I make them come with me and they don’t complain much. We have had a hard time finding open forest service roads but I recently heard about a private access area with thousands of acres of explorable forest. Campbell Global offers motorized recreation passes to the Snoqualmie Forest and for a small fee, we get a key, a map, a big ass waiver to sign and the right to explore away! Endless miles of gravel forest roads and rougher side roads to explore. Lakes, waterfalls, hunting/fishing if that is your thing and apparently tons of bears and cougars…I think we will stay in the Jeep most of the time 🙂

I finally made it up there today for a scouting trip and hope to take the boys back with me tomorrow. The weather was ugly today but the views were still beautiful.

I finally used the pass and made it inside the gate!

Day 2 – Now with the boys!

The scouting trip was successful so I decided to drag the kids along for another trip in the forest. We loaded up on Arby’s, explored the forest and I spent some time teaching Gabe to drive…he needs some off-road experience too right 🙂

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