Bath & a Nighttime Photoshoot

It was bath time after that fun charity drive to the mountains which went through a few major rain storms. I was excited to see how the C.Quartz ceramic coating that Metropolitan Detail applied would simplify things for me. I also bought their shampoo AND I bought the AmmoNYC FOAMe product for some extra lubrication to help avoid any swirl marks. It all worked great and made clean up a breeze!

All foamed up at The Shop:

Look at the water fly off the paint…I didn’t have to use a drying towel except in a few spots…ceramic coating for the win!

With the car so freshly cleaned, I was sitting at home and when everyone was going to bed, I decided it was the right time to try my hand at some more night photography. I have so much to learn and I had to take hundreds of photos just to get a few usable ones, but for my second attempt I was pretty happy with the results.

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