2021 All-Porsche Grand Display

I had so much fun at my first PCA PNWR Concours event that when the biggest local concours event of the year came up, I had to be there. Rain or shine. And rain it did…a lot! That didn’t stop over 120 beautiful cars and hundreds of great folks from showing up for the event, even more than originally expected.

Just like Billy and Julie’s sign says…”it’s not just the cars, it’s the people” (they run membership for the club) so here are some people shots from the event:

Okay, before I get to the cars…there were some really cute dogs at the show as well so I need to give them some love. Some of these pups must be professional models…they would sit and smile when they saw my camera. Others wanted to lick the camera…all were adorable!

Okay, there were cars at the event as well. Incredible cars from every age range including an incredibly rare 1973 Carrera RS that still gets driven regularly!

The winners of the day!

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