Sunrise at Sunrise…again

Most people would say that getting up at 3am to drive 3 hours up a mountain so you can take photos of your car at sunrise is crazy. Almost everyone would agree that doing it twice in a year is just plain stupid… but that’s exactly what I did 🙂 When a friend said he wanted to take an early morning drive, I was in. I left Seattle around 4am to meet a few guys in Puyallup by 5 so we could be at the top of Mount Rainier (Tahoma) by 6:45 to catch the sunrise. It was a great early morning drive and once again I was doing my best to keep up with Porsches in my Jeep. The Spyder needs to get here asap!!

Here we are in the wee hours of the morning, heading up a mountain road, trying not to run into any deer and dodging fallen rocks in the road. Okay, they were dodging them and I was having some Jeep fun running over them!

It was more than worth it to be able to capture these two beautiful Porsches as the sun started to come up with Rainier (Tacoma) in the background.

After our morning on the mountain, we drove back down, grabbed some Starbucks and then stopped by the Thunderdome Car Museum in Enumclaw so I could drool over these beautiful Ford GTs. I would totally cheat on Porsche with any one of these!

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