Along Came A Spyder…

After a 6 month delay, after sitting at port in Houston for 6 months and after getting a new factory fresh engine, I got the word that my Spyder had been released from recall jail and arrived at the dealership in Oklahoma City. The dealer, Porsche Oklahoma City, even sent me proof of life:

We finalized the paperwork, completed the trade-in of my beautiful black 911 Turbo S and the dealership got busy preparing the car for delivery. Wrapping was removed, the whole car was, accessories were installed (yes, I’m modifying the car already), and transportation to Seattle was arranged. I appreciated Ryan, the GM of the dealership, doing everything he could to move it along fast. Papers were signed and the car was on the way to Seattle a few days later.

In two short days, thanks to the great team at NW Elite Transport LLC, it arrived. I was as interested in their beast of a transport truck as I was my car. Okay, almost as interested! In typical Seattle fashion, a heavy rain greeted the arrival of my new convertible 😂

I enjoyed a very excited but nervous drive home. It takes a while to bond with a car, to learn the ins and outs of how it, but this car was easy to fall in love with immediately. Even in the rain with the top up, this car handles like a go-kart while still being a welcoming place to spend some time. No punishing ride here even on the rutted, railroad crossing filled roads where I took delivery. I took it home to show Meg and to get back to work with my new office mate (my home office is in my garage). Sorry for the blurry photo but I was in a daze 🙂

Like any good persnickety porsche owner, I couldn’t just drive my car and enjoy it…I had to immediately take it to a shop to have clear paint protection film (PPF) installed. Our roads, especially in the winter, are terrible and we have a ton of rocks. PPF is nearly invisible and does a great job of protecting the paint from rock chips. So on the day of delivery, I drove it to Pista Film Solutions and went home carless again 🙂 I’ll pick it up on Friday and then I’m never getting out of it!

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