Cesar Works His Magic

I wish I was the type of person that could just take delivery of a Porsche and drive the hell out of it from the start, rock chips be dammed. I love the way waxed paint looks without any protection on it and would shun paint protection film (ppf) and run “naked” if the sound of rocks pinging off the car didn’t make me cringe. Embrace patina…yes, I wish I was that person.

Since I’m not that person, I put myself in the capable hands of Cesar, the owner of Pista Film Solutions in Burien. They have one of the best reputations in town, do incredible work with XPEL film and he could squeeze me into his schedule the day I took delivery. His team works hard to make sure every seam is hidden so unless you are looking for it, and within a few inches of the car, you can’t even tell the car has any film on it at all. I opted for the track package but I added full door protection and they did more of the rear wheel arch/bumper as well to hide the seams:

The team did an incredible job and managed to get it all done by mid-day Friday so I could have it for the weekend. Shep came with me to pick it up and we managed to enjoy a top-down drive on the way home…I think he loves it as much as I do!

Some additional glamour shots with the car all protected, shined up and sporting the custom Porsche crest that I had Cesar install which is a perfect match for my white/black/silver theme (click a photo to see the gallery):

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