Winter Fun Can Begin…Safely

I’ve written about past driving tours when the temps drop or it gets cold and wet and I feel nervous driving with my summer tires. My Michelin PS4S tires are the best spring to early fall tire you can run in the Northwest. They handle exceptionally well and stick to the road in the dry or the wet, as long as the temps are 50+ degrees. In the 40s you better take it easy and anything lower than that…stay in the garage. I want to enjoy the Spyder all year round, so it was time for some dedicated winter tires. What do you do when your car is trapped in the garage, you have 6+ inches of new snow and you want winter tires…you call Blake at Right Away Tire. He helped me select the perfect winter tire for my car, a set of Michelin Pilot Alpin 4 and he came over with his crew to get me all set up. They showed up on time, despite a packed schedule and terrible working conditions and did the job in record time. They have all of the equipment in their vans which is incredibly convenient and they do a ton of business at the various racetracks in the area swapping folks over from street to track tires. Maybe someday I’ll need that but for now, I just want to go play in the snow.

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