Last Cars and Coffee of 2021

2021 wasn’t a breeze, but with the kids back in school it was certainly a hell of a lot easier than 2020 was! We are still dealing with Covid, social distancing, masks, friends and family getting sick but we have been very fortunate all things considered. I’ve been able to enjoy cars and car culture all year and managed to squeeze in one last cars and coffee into 2021. It was a rare, beautifully dry and clear day in December, so I drove down to Lake Washington Cars and Coffee to meet up with some friends, drink coffee, eat donuts and have some fun.

I was there to socialize so I didn’t take many photos, but I did manage to grab a few shots of my favorites, starting with mine of course 😍 The yellow 911 GT3 (992 series) at the bottom was my other favorite. The perfect track car to compliment my road-focused Spyder…hey, a guy can dream!

Okay, so Lake Washington Cars and Coffee actually happened the next week as well, but I didn’t have my snow tires put on in time to join for this kind of fun, otherwise I would have been there for sure!!

These photos are not mine, they were taken by the very talented Mike Gatch (FB) / @MikeGatchPhotography (IG):

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