Northwest Toy Run 2021

Last year I had a blast joining some friends for the annual Northwest Toy Run, a toy drive to help ensure that everyone gets something special for the holidays. When a good friend of mine starting organizing the event again for this year, I was immediately in, regardless of the weather. When the forecast changed and we were going to have a sunny winter day, I was even more excited. A convertible on a cold but dry and sunny winter day is always so much fun. Top down, blast the heat and bundle up. I even talked Shep into joining me this time so we could both play Santa!

The morning started early so we could make it up to our meetup location in Alderwood Mall. We arrived with enough time to take some photos as the group gathered. Well, I took some photos while my co-pilot got some extra sleep in the warm car 😂

Our destination for the toy drive was Pacific Raceways and we explored some fun backroads on our way to get there. We were all running summer tires and the day was pretty cold, so we took it very easy to avoid becoming one of the many accidents we passed along the way. Once at the racetrack, we gathered our group, drove through the toy donation line and then gathered in the parking lot to chat for a while.

One of our fellow PCA PNWR members had arranged for a group of us to head out on to the track so we could take some photos for our monthly magazine. We had a few people orchestrate the location on the track and get everyone positioned and a few of us handled the photography.

Here is my favorite from the track photos:

Here are a bunch more:

It was such a fun day, Shep and I both had a blast, it was all for a good cause, and I cannot wait to do it again next year!!

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