Seattle International Auto Show

You know how cities like Miami and LA have these huge auto shows where all the top manufacturers bring out their coolest cars, announce innovations and show off exciting concept cars? Well Seattle isn’t like that. We get Ford, Honda, Nissan and Kia showing off their latest budget models and maybe one or two cool sports cars. That’s why I was so happy when I heard that our local car club, Avants, had made arrangements for a special display of cars and a members lounge to hang out in. I managed to talk Gabe and Shep into joining me and we ventured out on a rainy day to look at some cool cars. Both the boys were very impressed by the members only lounge…it could have had something to do with the candy and energy drinks they had for us 🙂

Gabe was able to get up close with his favorite car, the Honda Civic Type R and Shep was torn between the awesome DirtFish Rally car or the bro truck! It was so much fun to see other Avants member’s cars there including a very cool 944 race car with a custom livery done by EM Wraps. The rest of the car show was as boring as always but the Avants section more than made up for that!

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