Perfecting the Alignment

I’ve demonstrated a willingness in the past to ignore the decades of Porsche engineering excellence in favor of aftermarket mods and that trend continues. The 718 Spyder and GT4 are nearly perfect but I think Porsche had to make a few tradeoffs in the suspension setup, likely as a tradeoff of cost or compliance or time. Under hard braking and uneven surfaces, the rear end of the car can become…lively. In a way that doesn’t inspire confidence. The DSC Controller I installed previously is step 1 to taming this behavior. A more aggressive alignment made possible by TPC Racing toe links is step 2. The replacement toe links allow for more toe and camber adjustment in the rear suspension than you can achieve stock and the offset design TPC uses removes the instability I mentioned earlier.

While I was having this work done, I went ahead and added a Rennline stud conversion kit. Rather than secure the wheels with bolts, this kit uses studs/nuts. This makes tire maintenance easier in general but also act as guides when removing a wheel which protects the somewhat fragile and ridiculously expensive PCCBs (carbon brake rotors). This is peace of mind when someone else is working on the car and I also happen to think they look cool 😎 I went with 45mm but I think 35mm would work better up front with the more narrow wheel and I may swap them at some point.

I had what I think is the best shop in town, Tru-Line, do the install and alignment. I’ve had them do wheels/tires and alignments on all my cars and they always do an excellent job.They dialed in a setup for mostly street, occasional track and in hopes of preventing too much uneven tire wear. They also dropped the tire pressure to 30 front, 32 rear.

As an unexpected bonus, they found and removed a transport block that was still on my front right spring!! My dealership somehow missed this during their delivery prep! I put 900+ miles on the car and it still had a shipping block on it. These blocks are designed to keep the car from bouncing around during transport and they keep the spring from compressing. That explains some of the noise I heard as well as a few ride quality issues I had written off to our terrible roads. I think they were left on both sides and the left side flew off on my first tour. I remember going over a big bump at speed and hearing something ping and then a noise under the car. I thought I had scraped the diffuser but I bet it was a shipping block flying off. I’m glad it is sorted now.

The car feels better than ever and I can immediately feel the positive impact of lower tire pressure and the transport block being gone. Having exercised it for another few hundred miles, I can now say that the suspension is perfect for what I’m using the car for.

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