My first attempt at evening photography

I’m married to an amazing photojournalist and art photographer (Meghan E. Jones Photography) so I know what true talent looks like. I lack the artistic instincts required to ever be a great photographer, but I enjoy the hell out of trying to suck less.

Last night I was putting Shep to bed when I looked out the window and saw the sun setting. It looked like one of those painted sky Seattle nights so I grabbed the camera, borrowed Meg’s tripod and tried to capture the last rays of light. The sky wasn’t nearly as picturesque as I hoped, but for my first time doing any nighttime photography, I got a few keepers out of it.

This is one of my favorites. I love how the last of the sunlight highlights these iconic curves!
The sun saying goodnight to the Olympic Mountains.

As I was playing with some long exposures, trying to get some light from this black car, I had a few cards drive by and ruin the shot. When I went back and looked at the photos, I actually loved the look!

A few different cars drove by during this shot.
It almost looks like the lights from my car, but it was a motorcycle.
I tried to get some Seattle skyline shots but Alki was too busy…I need to head back much later or mid-week.

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