My dream garage is done!

Okay, my real dream garage would hold dozens of beautiful cars with all of the fun toys to go along with them but those are champagne dreams on a LaCroix budget so this will have to do!

Like everyone else in the world, COVID has caused my entire family to work and school from home and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. To give each other more space, and so I can stare at my car all day, I decided to move into the garage. A very utilitarian garage with a lot of wear and tear…not the best place to spend 10 hours a day. I have always wanted to update the garage to go along with my car obsession and what better time than now!

This was the garage when we first moved into the house 10 years ago. The smallest space (19’x19′) that can legally be considered a 2 car garage but it was my first garage and I loved every inch of it:

This was the garage after 8 years of abuse and during a “small” project to add a Jeep top lift that is still in use and works great (details on that project here):

Now the big reveal and a total transformation! I used a rubberized tile product from Garage Flooring Inc,. some rubberized trim, canvas prints from my car photo hobby and fun Porsche accessories that I found on Etsy. I had the painters use a gray that is close to the interior of the 911 and a yellow accent stripe that matches the yellow on the car to pull it all together. I totally love the way that this came out. It makes me smile every time I see it…and I see it a lot 🙂

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